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FRONTIERS RECORDS | Release Date: June 6 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Tracklisting: Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night; Crash that Party; Not Like All the Rest; For You; Every Second Counts; Beats Me Up; Good Times Now; Midnight in Your Eyes; All Night Long; Soul of a Lovin' Man; Human Era.

You don’t hear many albums these days that start out as strongly as the new one from Trixter – ‘Human Era’. After a storming comeback on 2012’s ‘New Audio Machine’ - a record full of great anthems and a couple of memorable lighter moments – Trixter has managed to return even stronger.

So if you like your Rock full of Melodies, infused with hooks and with that feeling that the summer will never end then you do need this album so bad…

Kicking off with a pair of songs that will stand the test of time it’s pedal to the Metal for the eighties flavoured ride that is ‘Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night ’ and there’s just as good to follow as ‘Crash that Party’ kicks in. There’s some great vocals courtesy of Pete Loran and some incendiary guitar from Steve Brown, but don’t think for a minute that this wouldn’t kick as hard without the magic backline of P.J. Farley’s bass and Mark ‘Gus’ Scott’s skin pounding!

As Steve Brown says “I’m so proud to say that after more than 25 years of making records, Trixter is getting better and better ‘Human Era’ will show the world this band at its finest.” And he’s not wrong. Back in the day you always felt that Trixter arrived on the scene just that little too late, and even though their 1990 debut spawned three huge singles the shadow of grunge was just around the corner and by the time second (equally strong) album ‘Hear’ hit in 1992 Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ was already over a year old.

Today you listen to ‘Not Like All the Rest’ and it’s as if grunge never happened, and we mean that in a good way. It’s a song that just takes you back to that endless summer before shoe-gazing, self-obsession and flannel became de-rigueur. And that really is the essence of the album – well-written songs, and good-time rock and roll – it’s timeless stuff – but beware if you close your eyes when you open them it may well be 1990.

We get a taste of vintage Van Halen courtesy of Brown on ‘For You’; a more modern take on melody on ‘Every Second Counts’; and a slow-burning ballad on ‘Beats Me Up’. It’s all quality and all distinctly captures the sound of the back catalogue updated for 2015.

The rest of the album similarly doesn’t put a foot wrong: ‘Good Times Now’ burns slow with a killer hook; and ‘Midnight in Your Eyes’ has a touch of vintage Bon Jovi about it; whilst ‘All Night Long’ is a no nonsense eighties-flavoured rocker with some great guitar.

Closing out an album where it’s hard to catch a breath ‘Soul of a Lovin’ Man’ has a great attitude that you can almost imagine a band like Great White laying down; while the title track ‘Human Era’ tells the tale of the band in their own inimitable style. This is pretty much essential. Trixter is firing on all cylinders in 2015.   

Peter  Loran
– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Steve Brown– lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
P. J. Farley– bass guitar, backing vocals
Mark "Gus" Scott– drums, percussion, backing vocals



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