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MASCOT LABEL GROUP | Release Date: April 1st 2016


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‘KENTUCKY’ the new album by BLACK STONE CHERRY is out on APRIL 1st on new label MASCOT – named after their home State it packs a huge punch – and it could be argued that it’s their finest moment to date.

Recording the album the band went back to the studio where they recorded their very first album and ten years after that very release it makes you wonder if the aim was to get back to the roots of the band and reconnect with the feeling they had in those early days.

Whatever the motivation BLACK STONE CHERRY has produced what is their heaviest and most aggressive album to date coming so soon after Magic Mountain, which charted well but left some fans a little unsure of the bands direction. Going back has led to a huge leap forwards.

I know it’s often said a lot and rarely really meant, but this album has not a hint of a weak link. There’s a massive groove and huge sound to opening track THE WAY OF THE FUTURE and IN OUR DREAMS (The first single) which follows is just as huge – as we said it’s a pretty heavy aggressive album – loads of huge riffs and fist pumping choruses!

SHAKING MY CAGE that follows has a great groove, and takes the intensity down a notch whilst upping the cool; and SOUL MACHINE is so damn catchy with a huge chorus it will please everyone!

The Southern swagger of LONG RIDE builds beautifully into a soaring anthem; and the wonderful take on (the Whitfield/Strong song popularised by Edwin Starr) WAR is perfect for the band and one of the best interpretations of this oft-covered song we’ve heard. There’s so much soul and groove and power and passion it just explodes. It’s that soul and groove together with the hard rock and southern stylings that make BLACK STONE CHERRY so essential.



HANGMAN’s riff bursts out of the speakers and menaces and broods beautifully before CHEAPER TO DRINK ALONE (an interesting title for a band well known for being teetotal) adds another funky texture and Southern swagger to the mix.

I think RESCUE ME is one of my current favourites, so catchy, so heavy, with a great chorus – it’s a gem of a song with a certain lightness pitched in with the heaviness, it’s perfectly balanced and has surely to make the live set? 

But there’s no time to take a breath - the album closes out just as strongly as it began with the distortion and stomp of FEELIN FUZZY; the kick and groove of DARKEST SECRET and the sweet storytelling and Southern groove of BORN TO DIE.

Closer THE RAMBLER just underlines it all with strummed acoustic simplicity and a heartfelt lyric reminding us of yet another reason we love this band.

Going back to their roots has certainly served the band well - five albums in this is the best yet, and BLACK STONE CHERRY shows no sign of slowing down.



by Mark Rockpit



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